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What are our Customers saying about us?

I have known many dog trainers but never one quite like Debbie. When I walked into her home, which she shares with four dogs and four cats, I was overcome by the feeling of serenity and peace that permeated the entire premises. I knew I would be leaving my terribly disturbed dog in good hands. She took Abby into her Boot Camp program and started working her magic. Not only does Debbie have excellent dog training skills, she has a dog sense about her and understands the way of a dog. I have seen her look at three excited dogs, take one step forward, barely move her hand and all three of the dogs immediately calmed down and sat. She has an air of authority and pack leadership that all dogs respect. She knows dogs and knows how to handle them. I've recommended her to people with large dogs and small dogs. I've seen the results of what her training techniques do. I've seen nasty dogs turn into very pleasant well adjusted dogs and I've seen their owners learn how to work with their dogs in a successful manner.

— BOB AND SUE (Washington)

April and Hana and Kona were all together outside off-leash this morning! No signs of any aggression. She sleeps downstairs in the family room and right now is actually lying down in my office with the cat on one of the chairs! A cat even passed inches from her last night and no signs of any type of attack whatsoever! Yay! I was hoping this would work, and feeling very positive about incorporating her into my pack once Deb worked with her and set the right energy. Now there is an overwhelming sense of calmness in the house. Looks like she may fit into my home very well!

— LAURA (Washington)

Thank you for changing my dog. I no longer call him Cujo.

More importantly thanks for changing me.

—JANET (Seattle, Washington)

I can't believe how you communicate with dogs and you never say a word.

Now if you could get my wife to be that quiet.

—JOHN (Los Angeles, CA)


Thanks for not giving up on my dog and me. Because of you, we are enjoying life.

—HAZEL (Yelm, Washington)


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