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We have this philosophy...

Dogs are adorable and can be wonderful, but they are NOT human. They are canines. It is our duty to communicate with and train them in a "language" they can understand. We at Doggie du-Rite speak their language, and we will teach you too!


There is a difference between canine training and canine psychology. In training, we teach your dog commands and manners that he needs in order to live in harmony in the human world. We use positive, operant training techniques which allow him to learn quickly and without anxiety.


Training needs to be positive, consistent and fair.


Canine psychology is about understanding how canines think, work, and function. After years of studying dog psychology, our trainers would state with absolute conviction that when we treat canines as humans, we do them a great disservice. Well over 90% of canine behavior problems are caused by their humans.

Therefore, the most important aspect of our program is not only about correcting canine behavior, but about educating family members how to effectively communicate with the animal. By doing that, we are giving you the formula to create and maintain a happy, content, and well-balanced companion for life.


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