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Doggie Boot Camp

Based on the initial behavioral consultation, Doggie Boot Camp is specifically designed to deal with your dog's specific training and behavior issues. This is an intense, one-on-one 2 to 4 week training program. Your troubled canine gets to vacation with us, and you get a vacation from the chaos. During this time, your dog lives with Trainer Debbie in her home along with her entire pack.


Immersed in that fun, but intensive atmosphere, your dog will learn all basic on-leash commands and all behavior issues are corrected.




  • Your dog receives 100% of the trainer's attention during Boot Camp

  • All behavioral issues are corrected

  • Training and behavior modification is tailored to your family's needs

This is the perfect solution for busy families. Doggie Boot Camp allows the training to occur outside the home by a professional trainer, insuring consistency and efficacy. When "camp" is over, your pup is returned to you fully trained. Then each member of the family is taught the "how-to's" of reinforcing the training so that you and your canine can happily co-exist in your home.


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